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Right now what id like to talk about is Agilus Health. What is an Agilus? Many times you pass by our office on Texas and Jackson, you pass by our office in Kings Country shopping center and you see the word, you mispronounce it and you don’t know what the heck goes on there.

Everyday Aches and Pains

So let’s talk for a moment just about everyday aches and pains. Whether it’s from age or whether its from working in your garden.

Foot Pain

Next I’d like to talk about foot pain and something called Plantar Fasciitis. The number one symptom from Plantar Fasciitis is when you get out of bed in the morning, those first 10 steps to the bathroom, if they’re killer and you have ankle pain or calf pain or pain in the arch of your foot, that’s Plantar Fasciitis.

Shoulder Pain

Your rotator cuff is what keeps your upper arm locked into your shoulder, as well as allowing for the rotating movements of your upper arm. Your upper arm is held into the socket of your shoulder by a group of muscles and tendons that can be potentially injured.

Cluck and Tuck - dr charlotte merrill Alexandria la

Cluck and Tuck

Every person that comes to Agilus Health, no matter the reason you’ve been referred to us or what body part is hurting, we always will discuss posture and breathing. You’ll be asked this question, and you’ve probably never been asked this question before, where’s your tongue at?

Face and Neck Pain

If you have headache, neck pain, and most importantly, face pain, that face pain can be coming from your jaw. A lot of folks have heard of TMJ, and what does TMJ mean? It means your temporal mandibular joint, and that’s your jaw joint.

Carpal Tunnel

Today I’d like to talk about carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is a very misunderstood and over diagnosed problem. When you have true, pure carpal tunnel syndrome, you’re going to have pain, weakness, or numbness in your thumb, pointer finger, and then half of your middle finger.

Telemedicine - Agilus Health - Function Medicine - dr charlotte merrill Alexandria la


Today’s situation with telemedicine is taking over one-to-one contact. Once we’ve established these patients we can do a lot with phone or teleconferencing. We’ve done some of that today, and I think it would be convenient for patients. When this stuff works, it really works.

Hip Pain Part 2

I’d like to talk a little bit further in depth about hip pain. Our hips our butt muscles or the muscles that control our pelvis in our spine and our pelvis in our spine is at the tailbone and pelvis region that is the basic foundation of your spine.

Hip Pain Part 1 Hip pain is most commonly caused by overuse, gravity, age, and strain. While your hip bone is exceptionally durable, the friction and wear in