Hip Pain Part 2

I’d like to talk a little bit further in depth about hip pain. Our hips our butt muscles or the muscles that control our pelvis in our spine and our pelvis in our spine is at the tailbone and pelvis region that is the basic foundation of your spine. We have 32 vertebrates were the only one of Gods animals standing on two feet if you’re 32 story building has a bad foundation your going to have problems either in your back and your hips and your head and neck with headaches or neck pain and so what we do is we work on the muscles that control the stability of your pelvis and those are your butt muscles so we have specific exercises designed for pelvic and hip stability.

We have specific exercise design for pelvic hip and low back stability and then we move on up the chain and work with your posture and in an attempt to get rid of your hip pain and back pain and are all spinal and back pain so If you have any questions just give us a call remember you don’t need a doctors referral and if your doctor does send you to the PT and recommends PT you always have a choice just give us a call at Agilus Health where we have something for everybody.