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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Let’s talk a little about lower back pain. Today, lower back pain is the number one cause of people in America to see their family physician. Its not a heart attack, its not high blood pressure, its not diabetes. Its lower back pain and more likely than not it’s a musculoskeletal injury from being

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Foot Pain

Next I’d like to talk about foot pain and something called Plantar Fasciitis. The number one symptom from Plantar Fasciitis is when you get out of bed in the morning, those first 10 steps to the bathroom, if they’re killer and you have ankle pain or calf pain or pain in the arch of your foot, that’s Plantar Fasciitis.

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Shoulder Pain

Your rotator cuff is what keeps your upper arm locked into your shoulder, as well as allowing for the rotating movements of your upper arm. Your upper arm is held into the socket of your shoulder by a group of muscles and tendons that can be potentially injured.

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