Foot Pain

Next I’d like to talk about foot pain and something called Plantar Fasciitis. The number one symptom from Plantar Fasciitis is when you get out of bed in the morning, those first 10 steps to the bathroom, if they’re killer and you have ankle pain or calf pain or pain in the arch of your foot, that’s Plantar Fasciitis. The nice thing about planter is most of the time; a little physical therapy and some stretching exercises will get rid of those symptoms and the cause of the pain. Again, we are not going to treat your symptoms, were going to find the cause of the symptoms, treat them, correct them, and get rid of your pain. Which is what were all looking for. The cause of planter is tight heel cords. What is a heel cord? That’s the tendon that hooks onto your calf muscles, so if your calf muscles are tight, your foots not going to bend as much when you walk and its going to stretch the arch in your foot and get it inflamed and that’s the planter. The pain in your foot, the problems in your calf. So again, our job at Agilus is to find the cause of the pain and get rid of it and correct it, not just to treat your pain. If your doc sends you to PT or recommends PT you always have a choice, give us a call let Agilus health, we have something for everybody.