For a moment, I’d like to speak to you about arthritis. What do we do for arthritis? What is arthritis? Well, the word arthritis means “itis” in the joint (A.K.A. inflammation in the joint). Is it a disease? Is it an infection? Is it just pain and wearing out? For the most part, arthritis, osteoarthritis, wear and tear arthritis, or old age arthritis means you’ve been beating up your joints. Surgery and medication are not the answer.

A recent study came out of Denmark that said physical therapy 3 times a week for 1 hour with aggressive exercise and 2 days a week with aggressive exercise at home for 12 to 20 weeks will relieve your pain and get rid of the symptoms. Now, we live in America. We don’t like to exercise, pound our joints, or do aggressive exercise, but what we now know from this research is that the pain from the exercise is never worse than the pain from the arthritis that you had. The way to get rid of pain from exercise is to do some more exercise.

In 85% of the cases, people who had been told by their doctors that they needed a total joint replacement in their knee or hip were pain-free after 12 to 20 weeks of aggressive exercise with their physical therapist. So again, we have something for everybody, all you need to do is give us a call. You don’t need a doctor’s referral, and if you have been referred by your physician, you always have a choice. So, just give us a call, we have something for everybody at Agilus Health.