Headaches can be very complex and caused by many different things. The four main groups of headaches that can occur are:

  • Illness
  • Stress, Emotional
  • Environment
  • Genetics

Headaches brought on by illness can be caused by sinus infections, colds, and fevers. A misuse of medication or alcohol can cause headaches to appear over time as well. Many headaches are caused by poor posture, and neck and back strain, this can easily be treated by physical therapy and regular exercise. Your environment can cause headaches if you are around secondhand smokers, strong smells such as perfumes or incense are in your household, allergens from certain plants, loud noise, and bright lighting.  Genetics can also play a part in how many headaches you experience and the duration in which you have them.

Many persistent headaches, that are not caused by illness or genetics, can be solved at Agilus health with physical therapy and exercise, as the headache can be a problem with strained muscles in the neck and back region.