Lower Back Pain

Let’s talk a little about lower back pain. Today, lower back pain is the number one cause of people in America to see their family physician. Its not a heart attack, its not high blood pressure, its not diabetes. Its lower back pain and more likely than not it’s a musculoskeletal injury from being at work the number one on the job related injury is lower back pain and PT are the most qualified medical professionals to take care of your lower back pain.

You don’t need a doctors referral if you got hurt at work you don’t need workers comp has to prove it and there’s all sorts of things you know related issues towards your payment that you have to be concerned about but will work with your employer will work with your workers comp company and remember at all times you have a choice of PT.

What we do for lower back pain is to assess your movement with posture and the recognizing that we are the only one of Gods animals who has a spine and has a vertebrae and is standing one two feet it causes us to have unique problems and whatever happens that your lower back that your spine and your tailbone and your pelvis this is the foundation of your spine and whatever happens at your lower back the equal and opposite thing happens up top in your neck so you can have lower back pain and neck pain and headache and they’re all associated.

So if you have any questions about this all you have to do is give us a call you don’t need a doc referral and we will work through your insurance arrangements and work with your employer and get you the that you need and just remember that you always have a choice and at Agilus Health we have something for everybody.