Lets discuss concussions. Lots of people have concussions and there’s a lot of confusion about concussions. If you’ve been in an accident if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident we all know that there’s a big discussion nowadays about concussions and athletes. Were talking about the everyday person that gets in the wreck you’re stopped at a stop sign you stopped at a red light you get rear-ended, the most confusion about concussion is where you’re knocked out were you’re unconscious you don’t have a concussion. A concussion nowadays were referring to that as a mild traumatic brain injury it’s a brain bruise. You do not have to be unconscious if your been in an accident whether you fell or you bumped your head or you did something at home or you were in a motor vehicle accident if you’re having a headache or dizziness and sometimes nausea as much as two days 12 to 24 to 48 hours after your accident more likely than not you have a mild traumatic brain injury which is now referred to as a concussion and we can help you out at Agilus Health. We have something for everybody just give us a call.