Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any pain that has lasted longer than six weeks. At six weeks, when you have a problem in your body that is causing pain, it sends a message to your brain. Your brain then sends a response that says, “ouch, I hurt!” The covering of the nerve starts to wear out, and even if Agilus health could immediately cure your pain and fix the problem; you may still be having pain because you wore out the insulation of your nerve. That nerve is still sending the message back and forth from your brain to your body.

With functional nutrition for chronic pain, we can make recommendations to your diet, or recommendations for vitamins or supplements. This is what Agilus health can do to help restore the nerve and the covering of your nerve and the pathway to your brain. The number one piece of advice that we have, is to take vitamin B. Vitamin B helps restore the covering of your nerve after you have been hurting for 6 weeks. Chronic pain is hurting for longer than 6 weeks.

Give Agilus health a call if you have any pain lasts for longer than 48 hours. We recommend all our patients give us a call, the sooner we get on it, the sooner you get better and the less you have to worry about chronic pain.