Carpal Tunnel

Today I’d like to talk about carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is a very misunderstood and over diagnosed problem. When you have true, pure carpal tunnel syndrome, you’re going to have pain, weakness, or numbness in your thumb, pointer finger, and then half of your middle finger. If all of your fingers are numb and your hand is painful, numb, swollen, or stiff; that’s not carpal tunnel. If your whole hand is numb, it’s probably coming from your neck and is posture-related. True carpal tunnel is only your thumb, pointer finger, and half of your middle finger. 85% of people who have carpal tunnel syndrome and symptoms with appropriate physical therapy, posture, and maybe some redesign of your workspace, can be rid of pain and symptoms without having to have surgery.

So, if you’re told you need surgery for your carpal tunnel, you ought to give physical therapy a try before going the serious route and having surgery. You can’t undo your surgical procedure, and many times we see people who have “carpal tunnel” have surgery, and they still have the same symptoms because they weren’t coming from your carpal tunnel in your wrist, they were coming from someplace else. So, if you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call.