Cluck and Tuck

Every person that comes to Agilus Health, no matter the reason you’ve been referred to us or what body part is hurting, we always will discuss posture and breathing. You’ll be asked this question, and you’ve probably never been asked this question before, where’s your tongue at? Most people look at me like I’m crazy. The normal response is at the top of your palate. If your answer wasn’t at the top of your palate, you need to come see us at Agilus Health. The normal resting position for your tongue, in order to breathe through your nose like God designed, is at the top of your palate. If your tongue is anywhere besides the top of your palate, you’re going to be breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. This puts you in bad posture because in order to get more air in your throat and breathe through your mouth, your body cocks your head back. Now you can’t see what you’re doing so the muscles in your neck pull your head forward. We refer to that as a head forward, mouth breathing posture. That is where the trouble starts.

Some physical therapists start their assessments at the feet going from the ground up. We start at your airways and your breathing because if you’re not breathing then you’re not living. We’re going to correct your posture and your tongue. Simple cues here are to put your tongue at the top of your palate and tuck your chin in. So, we tell people to cluck your tongue and tuck in your chin. Every day at Agilus, we ask if you’ve clucked and tucked today. If you need us, just give us a call, you don’t need a doctor’s referral. We have a little bit of something for everybody at Agilus Health.