Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow

To understand how dry needling can be an effective technique to reduce pain and promote healing of Tennis/Golfer's Elbow we must first understand what happens when an injury is sustained. Injuries to tissues are caused by varying degrees of stress, ranging from repetitive overuse, to sudden high velocity traumatic forces. 

When an injury is sustained, our tissues go through a healing process that starts with inflammation/swelling and ends with reconstruction of the injured tissue. It is during this healing process, where inflammation, contracture of tissues, formation of adhesions between neighboring tissues, and scar formation become the causes of chronic soft tissue dysfunction. These changes result in blockage of fluid into and out of an area, as well as a decrease in blood circulation. The tissues that we are speaking of include muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae, capsules, fascia, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. Injured tissues eventually become weakened and deformed due to a lack of nutrition, resulting in increased pain, disuse, and altered movement patterns. These symptoms eventually become chronic, meaning they last longer than six months. They become painful most of the time, but more so with activities.

We are very excited about the success thus far that patients are experiencing with dry needling. It is yet another method by which we can treat patients who may have otherwise had limited options to address their soft tissue injury and pain in the past and have just had to "learn to live with it."

Common Symptoms

  • Tenderness on the Outside of the Elbow
  • Morning Stiffness of the Elbow With Persistent Aching
  • Soreness of the Forearm Muscles
  • Elbow Pain is Worse When Grasping or Holding an Object

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