Family medicine

Dr. Charlotte Merrill, DNP, FNP-C can help alleviate or even most likely totally eliminate symptoms found in many different health disorders/diseases, including those listed below. Charlotte provides the expert medical attention you need, in the most comprehensive and unique way possible.

At Agilus Health, we offer patient-centered healthcare for all. Our goal is to provide a medical home where you feel comfortable, listened to and understood. We take a whole-patient approach with a focus on prevention and staying well, but we’re 100 percent there for you when something comes up. We also understand the busy home and work lives of our patients and offer not only compassion and respect but also convenience, with flexible appointment times, easy scheduling and secure online access to results and other information. It’s an old-fashioned and caring family medicine approach with a 21st Century perspective.

Charlotte Merrill, DNP, FNP-C

"Since joining Agilus, I have been able to work with a team of providers who strive to solve and uncover the root cause of many of the chronic diseases that my patients suffer from."

~ Charlotte G. Merrill ~

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